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Washer Repair

Are you getting errors on your washer? Looking for a washer repair in Las Vegas? We are your solution.
With over a decade of experience, our technicians are here to help you with all kinds of washer problems. Whether it’s leaking, not draining or you just need a new washer to be installed, rest assured that your appliance is in good hands.

Not only do washers reduce the manual labor involved in cleaning clothes but they also help to remove dirt, germs, and bacteria from fabrics which is one of the reasons why we provide prompt service when your washer is not functioning.

Over time, washers can become clogged with dirt, lint, and other debris that can interfere with the cleaning process. This can cause an unpleasant smell or a musty odor and lead to a build-up of germs and bacteria that can't be removed with normal washing cycles. As a leading washer repair service in Las Vegas, the company has dealt with problems such as

Does not cycle
Makes a loud noise
Does not balance during the cycle
Not turning on
Does not drain

If you cannot get the washer to work, you can try unplugging it, and plugging it back in again which will reset the washer and may fix the issue. If that doesn't work, then it is likely that the issue is more complex and requires the expertise of a technician to diagnose and repair. To schedule a service, please call (702) 846 0717 or schedule service online.

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Repair Or Replace The Washer?

Deciding whether to buy or repair a washer depends on a few factors. First, consider the age of your current washer. If it's relatively new and the repair cost is reasonable, repairing it might be a good choice.
However, if your washer is older and has had frequent issues, buying a new one could save you money in the long run. Second, think about the cost of the repair compared to the price of a new washer. If the repair cost is close to or higher than the cost of a new washer, it might be better to buy a new one.
Finally, consider your personal preferences and needs. If you want the latest features, energy efficiency, or a different size or capacity, buying a new washer could be the better option for you.

Having trouble deciding which washer to purchase?

We can help you decide which one is right for you. There are generally 3 types of washers, front-load washers, top-load washers and stackable washers. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We will briefly mention some necessary information for each of them so that you can make more informed decisions.

Advantages of front-load washers

Gentle cleaning
Large capacity

Disadvantages of front-load washers

High cost
Complex maintenance
Potential odors
Noise issues
Vibration problems
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Advantages of front-load washers

Advantages of top-load washers

Gentle cleaning
Large capacity

Disadvantages of top-load washers

High cost
Complex maintenance
Potential odors
Noise issues
Vibration problems
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Advantages of stackable washers
Versatile placement
Efficient use
Convenient access

Disadvantages of stackable washers

Limited capacity
Installation complexity
Potential stability issues
Reduced features
Higher price
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my washer making a loud noise?

The loud noise is likely caused by a worn-out or misaligned belt, an unbalanced load, or a faulty motor. In some cases, the noise can also be caused by a loose or worn-out bearing.

Why is washer shaking?

If your washer is shaking, it could be because the floor it is on is not even or the washer is not level. If the washer is not leveled, the shaking could be caused by the imbalance of the washer. It is best to schedule an appointment with the technician if you are sure these are not the reasons why the washer is shaking.

What are some good washer brands?

Some of the best brands for a washer include Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and GE. These brands are known for their reliability and quality and their dryers tend to have a long lifespan.

Can't decide which washer brand to buy?

Once you decide what type of washer you want, the next question is which washer brand you should go for. There are many high-end brands, and each offers unique features and designs. We will briefly discuss the washer brands you should go for in 2023 and you can choose which one will suit your needs.
GE - GE washers are known for their durability and reliability, offering advanced features such as smart technology and customizable settings, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning performance.
Whirlpool - Whirlpool washers excel in energy efficiency, providing significant savings on utility bills, while also delivering excellent stain removal capabilities and a wide range of cycle options to accommodate various laundry needs.
Samsung - Samsung washers combine innovative design with advanced technology, offering features like smartphone connectivity, large capacity, and powerful cleaning performance, providing users with convenience and flexibility in their laundry routines.
Bosch - Bosch washers are renowned for their exceptional quietness during operation, making them ideal for households where noise is a concern. Additionally, Bosch focuses on energy efficiency, delivering high-performance washers that consume less water and energy.
LG - LG washers feature cutting-edge technologies like TurboWash and Steam Technology, enabling fast and efficient cleaning while maintaining fabric quality. LG also offers spacious drum capacities and intuitive user interfaces, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.

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